I am on tenterhooks. It is August 7th, my daughter’s second baby was due a couple of days ago and I am preparing a meal ready to take over for when she has had the baby and next needs feeding herself.  I am listening to BBC iPlayer and catching up with a programme first aired back in 2011 called “After they were Gorgeous”.  In case you missed it, the focus is on models and how they coped with ageing.  Botox?  Facelifts?  Relief?  Acceptance?  It is all there. Overridingly was the knowledge that their careers had been or would be short-lived and models needed to make hay because the only way was down.  I realised with some delight, that we have come a long way since 2011 in celebrating the attractiveness of older women and, dare I say it, finding a new appreciation of beauty?  At last we have older models working for the big boys. The indomitable Daphne Selfe who, at 91 says “I don’t do retiring”, Lauren Hutton at 75 modelling for Calvin Klein and Valentino and this season, the gorgeous 62 year-old Mouchette Bell modelling for Toast.  Hooray! 

A couple of years ago I began my association with the makeup brand which has been specially created for the over 50’s, called “Look Fabulous Forever”.  Aiming for the impossible I wondered? Not at all.  I am inspired by its stunning founder, Tricia Cusden  (pictured) who is taking her place in the vanguard of those who claim a visible, active and ATTRACTIVE role for older women (she is 71 now and does look fabulous). 

At some point during the menopause I decided I did not want to disappear or fade and I thought there must be many women, like me, who wanted to enjoy their clothes and makeup and needed help with how to present themselves.  This led me to train in colour and style and I have not regretted a moment of it. There is nothing more satisfying than helping a woman who has lost her way, regain her va-va-voom and find joy. It is not about clinging on to youth but about embracing change. I think it was Lampedusa in The Leopard who said, “For things to remain the way they are, everything must change”.

None of what I do or what Tricia does will reduce a single wrinkle.  I truly believe we don’t notice such things when we see someone who enjoys how they look; who communicates energy, engagement and health. We may not have the looks of a Lauren Hutton or a Daphne Selfe but we can certainly look and feel “fabulous forever”!

You’ve guessed it.  The baby hasn’t arrived yet which has given me time to write this.  Enjoy this lovely warm weather!

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