Getting Undressed - for the Beach!

The sun is out and the traditional exodus to the beach is upon us. Being by the sea is a wonderful tonic and I love a beach as much as anyone but - and there is a “but” – my annual beach holiday is to a caravan, a pebbly beach and very few people. It is my week off from all things image related – a makeup-free face slathered in sunscreen. a large sun hat and a good book.



Many of you, I know, will be heading off for beach holidays where you would like to look good so I have taken advice.  Jackie, who runs Sheen Uncovered and Ruby Blue in East Sheen has over twenty years’ experience of not only fitting women for bras but also for swimming costumes and bikinis.  She sees herself as a problem solver.  Many women, she says, come in for a black costume, probably because they think it will make them look slimmer, but following a fitting with Jackie, that is not what they walk out with. 

Here are three of her tips:

  1. Get fitted. As with bras, women very often have a false idea of their size and so the costumes they buy don’t fit properly. Has that been your experience? Once you get a costume or bikini that fits well, you will notice a big difference in how you look in swimwear. Maybe you will start to enjoy the experience instead of feeling negatively that it is a “covering up” exercise.

  2. Black is rarely the best colour for you. Jackie is an expert in this field and her observation is that colours you wouldn’t necessarily wear as clothes, can flatter when you are exposing the amount of flesh swimwear reveals.

  3. Patterns are more slimming than plain colours. (That was a surprise to me!)

So, the advice is – go to an expert! Get fitted, look and feel fabulous!  It is all about confidence as you pick your way down to the shore and brace yourself for that dip!