How can Frankie help you find your Signature Style?

How do you develop your Signature Style?

A signature is something unique to you so what, in the way you dress, is your personal, unique stamp? 

Emerging from a “Corona” Christmas I started watching the series, “Grace and Frankie”  on Netflix, starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.  A bit late to the table but hey!  Who cares?  For any of you who have not seen it, the conceit is that the husbands of these two 70 year-old ladies have discovered they are gay.  They have long been not only business partners but in love with each other and they drop the bombshell that they are going to live together and get married. The two women, who couldn’t be more different, are rather “thrown together” because of a beach house the couples jointly own.  Each woman wants it for herself and there is plenty of comedic friction.

Of course, Jane Fonda looks amazing in every way with her lithe, zero size body - hardly anybody’s idea of what 70 might look like. The costume designer for the show, Allyson Fanger gives Jane Fonda sharp suits and crisp shirts with the collars turned up.  That is her signature style.  It is Lily Tomlin, though, who caught my eye with her statement necklaces and earrings.  Her character, Frankie, is a bit of a boho hippy.  She tends to wear either tee shirts with slogans, dungarees or, when she is dressing up, lovely, flowing outfits with big earrings and statement necklaces. 


She clearly decided that Frankie was no follower of fashion, but someone who needed to express her arty, boho style through this bold, artisan-made jewellery.  She enlisted the help of Adina Mills and the show must have done a lot for her business as Frankie seems to wear different jewellery each time she scrubs up! They are part of her signature style.

One entertaining episode has them going out for a night on the tiles, each dressed in the other’s style.  The Jane Fonda character certainly appears to find Frankie’s style liberating and she ends up dancing on the bar of the nightclub and smoking a joint.  Frankie finds Grace’s stilettos impossible and looks all wrong in sleek black trousers and a tailored jacket. 

How do you develop your signature style? When I am working with a client I spend a lot of time on her personality which is what drives everything.  This is where Allyson Fanger so cleverly understands Frankie’s.  Whereas Jane Fonda, as Grace, is more Ralph Lauren, mincing about in heels, Frankie needs to be comfortable and able at any moment to sit cross-legged on the floor to engage in urgent chanting or yoga breathing.

Allyson Fanger also takes into account Lily Tomlin’s physical features in terms of scale.  If she had a little nose and small mouth, maybe more delicate jewellery might have worked but Lily has  generous features and also, enviably lustrous long hair. She also dresses her in mainly cool, muted colours. (I pick up that when she is in orange she is outside her comfort zone or behaving in some way which is not for her own good!)  The statement jewellery works perfectly with her personality, her lifestyle and her scale.  She looks harmonious, very much the best of herself and comfortable in her own skin..

Food for thought perhaps?

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