I guess we are all looking for green shoots right now in more ways than one but do you wear green? Do you feel confident about which greens suit you?

Recently I made a video with my daughter Lucy and we focused on green and the difference between the greens which make us look good..  You can watch the video here   Although we are both warm-toned, the greens I chose were neither warm nor cool but versions of  true green.

The green Lucy is wearing has more white, so it is "brighter" than the more muted one on of my scarf which has black added to the true colour.  Perhaps this will help you to decide on greens to wear yourself? 

You are probably familiar with the terms “Warm” and “Cool”as applied to skin tone. Finding out which you are can be key in choosing both makeup and clothes to suit you.  (Little plug:  Here is a link to my entry level online service Tell Me My Tone which will tell you whether you are “Warm” or “Cool”).

Just as important is knowing whether you are “Bright” or“Muted”.  Do clothes with white added to the basic colour add zing to your look or do they overpower you?  Do clothes with black/grey added to the basic colour deaden you or allow you to shine?

How do you tell if you are “Bright” or “Muted”?  It can be to do with your personality, the whiteness of the whites of your eyes or your teeth.  It can be to do with the contrast between your eyes and skin. 

Oprah is "Bright" - the added white in her purple top is perfect for her


 and more in harmony with her than this muted rust colour.


Back to our video:  Lucy is both whiter where it matters than I am and has more contrast going on than I do.  She is“Bright” and I am “Muted”.  She suits her colours with added white.  I look better in greyed colours, so with black added to the basic hue.  Muted colours make her look tired as the black or grey in them brings out bags and shadows.  Bright colours overpower me and dominate.

I should perhaps add that green is one of my favourite colours and, being “warm” I wear many shades from khaki and olive to lighter yellow- and grey-greens but stop short of lime green, which is precisely where Lucy takes over.  The added white in lime green supports her brightness whereas on me it is too shouty.

I have talked about warm-toned greens.  What if you are cool-toned? Just as blue can be a challenging colour for warm-toned people to wear, green is not so easy for the cool-toned.  If you are “Muted” go for gentle bluey greens and anything from pine, via emerald to sea green if you are “Bright”.  Also you can try the greens Lucy and I are wearing because, as I said, they are neither warm nor cool but versions of true green.

Here's the Duchess of Cambridge looking fab in a cool green.


The “BLINK” Test.

A simple way you can tell if what you are wearing is "wearing you" or flattering you is to stand in front of the mirror.  Close your eyes for a moment and then open them, noticing as you do whether your eyes are drawn to what you are wearing or to you. 

Should you desire my help, my online Colour Confidence Guide will answer your questions and more.  Click here