It is still August (just) as I write this and I have to admit I am wearing a knitted top today as I sit under a damp cloud.  Fingers crossed for an Indian Summer but in case it is woollies on for Autumn I decided to devote this newsletter to knitwear shapes. You will know by now that colour is number one in my book because it is colour which greets the eye first but shape is also important.  You may be considering buying something new for the season and in the interests of you feeling fabulous in what you choose, a thought or two about length and shape may be a good idea.

I don’t know about you but I hate it when the welt of an otherwise beautiful jumper cuts too tightly across my tummy.  A horizontal line always draws attention and a tight one all the more so. You don’t want a clinging horizontal line across the bits you’d rather disguise.

For me, as a basically “straight” shape – i.e. I carry my weight just below the waist rather than at the top of the thighs as “curvies” do, I have found three basic styles work.

  1. BOXY - a little shorter than the typical jumper and finishing loosely just below the waist.  Here is one from Toast:

This shorter boxy shape works particularly well with the high-waisted trousers I like.


  1. TUNIC – a longer, shaped top which skims over the offending area and finishes below the bum.  Years ago I bought a beautifully warm Alpaca sweater from Peruvian Connection.  It still looks as good as new so it was worth the investment.

You can wear this with tighter trousers as all lumps and bumps are covered!

  1. FINE AND FITTED.  I have one or two fine merino wool jumpers which can tuck in, be belted or go under a pinafore dress.  Brilliant for layering.


LOOSER, STRAIGHT SWEATERS.  Although from front view I am “straight”, from the side my back and bum are curvy.  Loose, straight knitwear without a welt gets hitched up on my bum in spite of wearing silky slips.  If you have a flat back and bum as many Asian and Scandinavian ladies do, you can easily wear this style.  Here’s one from the ethical brand, Thought


If you do have a tendency for tops to hitch up on your bum which is never flattering, it suggests that you may suit tops which follow your shape rather than covering it.  It is tempting if, for example, you are carrying a little more weight than you might like, to cover it all up in a tent.  If this is you, I suggest looking for something which skims rather than envelopes and use asymmetry both in shape and design.  See the tunic above from Peruvian Connection and this from Wolf and Badger:

I have found somer "curvy" clients lack confidence with knitwear because they feel their busts are too big but I say, enjoy your womanly curves and go with a deep V neck or crossover style like this smart little black number from


And if you would still prefer a snuggly cover-all, how about going bold and beautiful with some Alpaca from Amano?

Whatever you choose, I wish you warmth and much enjoyment!  If you are not sure what shape you are and how to choose wisely, consider coming to me for  "Spotlight My Style" to learn this and so much more.