In my opinion there should only be one trussed up creature at this time of year and that that creature is not you!  Inspired by a feature on Monday’s Woman’s Hour on “Waist Trainers” or “Waist Nippers” I would like to add my own two penn’orth on shapewear or foundation garments.  I remember the discomfort and futility of trying to create more of a waspish waist and being naively surprised at the roll which appeared above and below.  At the time I did not realise I was buying into a male ideal of the female form (as brought up by Lucy Adlington on the Woman’s Hour feature). My mind doesn’t work like that.  I simply wanted a smaller waist and a flat tummy.  It didn’t work.  Big surprise!

Until hearing about them on the radio I wasn’t aware of the proliferation of “Waist Nippers”, “Miracle Waist Cinchers”, “Black Bum Lifters” and the like on sale in the high street right now and being touted as something new! 

I applaud the conclusion of the Woman’s Hour feature i.e. that these garments will not “train” your body as is claimed by some manufacturers.  Wiser to love the body you have.  Pressure to fit into some sort of ideal image creates stress and unhappiness.  Acceptance brings so many benefits.  With that acceptance can come some more comfortable solutions.  Having said that, if you still prefer to go down the shapewear route, the image shows an example from

There are optical illusions you can create with the clothes you wear.  These will not give you an hourglass figure when your natural body shape is, for example, round or straight but you can bring attention to your assets and minimize the bits you are not so keen on.

Asymmetry is one feature which will create the optical illusion of slimming and lengthening.  Look for tops and dresses which have a diagonal line or lines either in the fabric print or as a seam and immediately the eye will be drawn away from a non-existent waist line!

If you would like to discover more ways to dress your body shape in ways that will flatter you consider booking a style consultation with me:  call me on 0793 599210 You will then know you look good AND be able to breathe more easily.  You can enjoy the poor old trussed up turkey for your Christmas Dinner!