A Creative Life

My earliest aspiration was, like many little girls, to be a beautiful ballet dancer and my love of ballet has stayed with me ever since enrolling at "Miss Harding's Dancing School" in the (then) small town of Bedford. At the age of 11, ballet was replaced by the desire to be a singer ...inspired by hearing the sublime Kathleen Ferrier on the radio. Music became my chief focus and I was lucky enough to have parents who paid for piano and singing lessons.

The University of East Anglia provided me with an academic foundation in music and after also gaining LRAM and ARCM diplomas I gained entry to the Royal Academy of Music in London. I began performing live in choirs, quartets and trios - enjoying the experience of engaging and entertaining an audience with my voice. A highlight for me was a recording with the Ambrosian Opera Chorus with the internationally renowned soprano, Montserrat Caballe.

One of the first jobs I gained in London was as a music consultant for 'De Wolfe Music'. We supplied music for the film and TV industry and I met such luminaries as Terry Jones, Peter Greenaway and Ken Russell.  At the same time the prestigious Goldsmiths College of London also provided me with a start as a singing tutor.

After a short stint of living in the country where my daughter was born, I returned to the bustle of London to work for a women-led production company making programs for TV on topics like multiculturalism, domestic abuse and nuclear war. This was an inspiring time to be around women on a mission.

Meanwhile my freelance singing and teaching work was developing. My ambitions grew and I wrote shows, toured the UK and Ireland and even performed in my own one-woman show, "A Chorus of One" - a comedy take on women in music directed by Keith Warner - in Edinburgh.  Life in London settled into teaching and performing and, most importantly,  being a mum ...time passed.

One day I attended a concert and happened to spot a glamorous lady a few rows in front of me.  She turned out to be the long-time BBC news presenter, Anna Ford. A few years older than me, she impressed me with her beauty and style - making me conscious for the first time that age may not define these things. The idea inspired me into taking a new direction. I attended training at a specialist colour consultancy course and was so excited I forgot how old I was. The next courses in the principles of style at the London College of Fashion provided me with a structured, evidence-based approach to wardrobe composition. Now I was ready for the next evolution in my creative life...using the power of image to enhance confidence and express personal identity.