Colour Confidence Guide - In Person

Colour Confidence Guide - In Person

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For you if you would like the "in-person" experience, the must-have guide to colour confidence. A woman's wardrobe shines a light on her face that either enhances or detracts from her beauty. On the threshold of a new life chapter, revisit your wardrobe colours and know that every item in it makes you look and feel wonderful

The Colour Confidence Guide is a boost to confidence ensuring the admiration of others.  It is a virtuous loop between how you feel about yourself and how others see you.  

Hilary Fisher has spent many years as a singer and with her experience of cabaret and concert has a practised eye for what flatters and enhances. 

Far from restricting your wardrobe choices, the Colour Confidence Guide allows the gradual accumulation of a perfectly hued wardrobe. It simplifies shopping and prevents wasting time and money on a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear or don't suit you. 

If you do nothing else for yourself, the Colour Confidence Guide is the perfect rite of passage for a woman on the threshold of her new best self.

Here is what will happen when you book your Colour Confidence Guide

On receipt of payment I will send you an email suggesting a phone conversation.  In that conversation you can tell me your concerns and what you would like to achieve and we can arrange a mutually convenient time for you to come to my studio for your consultation.

I will invite you to bring a selection of your clothes, especially tops and scarves, for us to look at in the light of what we discover in your colour analysis.  This can be so useful, giving you more practical appreciation of your new discoveries.

You can choose whether you would like a makeover during the session with Look Fabulous Forever Makeup.

Following your consultation you will receive in the post, a bespoke wallet of colours which we will have chosen together.  This wallet is something you can take shopping with you or use as a reference - not to match colours but to help you feel confident about your colour palette.  You will also receive your Colour Confidence Guide.  

Your Guide will include: 

  • Your Colour Personality and how this can be expressed in the colours you wear

  • Your Tonal Colour Direction and, if appropriate, your Seasonal Colour Direction

  • Which Colours will make you look healthy and radiant.

  • A note of Colours best kept away from your face

  • How to wear Colours if they are not in your palette

  • Your best neutrals

  • How to wear black even if not in your palette

  • The best colours to wear for formal occasions

  • The best colours to wear day to day

  • The most flattering shades of makeup to wear

  • How to save time and money when you shop for clothes.

  • The “Blink” test and how that can work for you.

  • Advice on makeup 

Confused about what colors and tones suit you best?
Book a Colour Confidence Guide and start a perfect wardrobe.

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