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Tell me my Tone - A 1st Step to Colour Confidence

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As you know some of the Look Fabulous Forever products are shown as W or C.  Don’t worry, it is very normal to be unsure whether you are “Warm” or “Cool” or even “Neutral”!

Using digital image drape technology, we can tell you your skin tone without you even needing to leave the house. Get your result fast so you have a better idea of which lipsticks and eye shadows to buy.

This is an express service to find out whether you are warm-toned, cool-toned or, like 20% of the population, neutral.  You will be able to make more informed choices in the Look Fabulous Forever range. 

You will be asked to send a selfie taken in good light (full instructions will be sent to you)

Following expert diagnosis, you will receive a pdf with the answer direct to your inbox. 

Want to learn more before buying? Contact Hilary for a Free Discovery Call.